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Do you have all the information that industry leaders use to evaluate their onboarding funnel? Do you benchmark your conversion rate against your competition? Find out how best-in-class companies look at their onboarding funnel and find out the factors having the most impact on the bottom line. Reach out to receive your individual eCPO report! 

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Are you ready to calculate your own eCPO? Want to know how your numbers compare to the market? Do you want to see how much you can potentially save with Fractal? Reach out to us. 

Your conversion rate is our #1 priority.

Compliance can be expensive, but can you afford to lose clients in the onboarding process? In a highly dynamic and competitive international market, we make sure to safely onboard as many prospects as we possibly can.

We are 100% aligned

The Fractal approach allows us to be aligned with your goal: Onboarding as many users.  We aim to re-use credentials and strive to build a user base. This is why we don't shed difficult users to increase efficiency or shy away from groups that are hard to onboard. 

Seedbox is a popular FinTech based in the Philippines.

STEX is a Estonian cryptocurrency exchange.

Bitwala is Germany's first blockchain bank. 

Gnosis is a prediction market and a blockchain pioneer. 

Fractal is the best provider for international fintechs 

Fractal is focused on providing an optimal onboarding experience for challenger banks and clients on the forefront of financial technology innovation. Fractal is used worldwide by best-in-class fintechs like … 

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